We spend the majority of our lives in our homes. Why not create a space best designed to serve our energetic needs. DivineHouzz uses a combination of Vedic Architecture, Astrology and Interior Designing to create a home that serves you best.

Vedic architecture is an ancient eastern philosophy very much inline with modern day sustainable living practices. All living beings have energies that surround them. These energies change according to how we think and act on a daily basis. All material things possess energies as well. Energy much like emotion has a tendency to build up if not addressed and cleared. This can lead to dissonance in our lives.

DivineHouzz has a team of gifted experts who are extremely passionate about this work and take pride in bringing peace, love, joy, health, and success to people. Contact us now for a consultation.

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All our services are based on Astrological Readings to get a deeper insight into YOU. This is used in combination with Vedic Architecture principles and philosophies to assist you in creating a space ideally designed for YOU. We can help with planning stages of new buildings, renovations or rearranging of existing spaces.


The furniture and objects, as well as their placement, in your home and workplace can affect your health and wellbeing. Your home is your sanctuary. Simply rearranging the furniture, and making changes inside your home can give it a new feel. Where once energy became blocked, it will flow freely to help relieve anxiety and depression. This leaves spaces filled with a positive feeling. This can be a simple fix. Call to find out how.


Negative energy in buildings usually drains your resources. Positive energy supports creating wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Wealth creation is a specialist area DivineHouzz has worked in for years with great success. Do you work from home or have a business premises? Call us. We can help you succeed by showing you the best way to setup your workspace to maximize your productivity.


Use our services to reawaken your love life. Regardless, of whether you are single or in a relationship, our specialists can help you meet the love of your life or rekindle the flame in your relationship. A house full of negative energy blocks the romantic flow in your life. DivineHouzz experts know exactly how to rearrange your home to maximize the love in your life.


When you feel unsettled in your career and want to switch direction, call DivineHouzz before you do. The way the interior of your home and workplace is set-up can create a build-up of negative energy. This may cause these feelings. Our experts can advise you on how to reorganize your home and workspace to help you make the right decisions about your career.


Education is an important part of your life. You need to choose the right subjects to set you up on the right path for the future. Poorly organized furniture can create obstacles that may make it difficult to study. Having a well set up study space & good color combination can help you achieve academic success. DivineHouzz designers can show you how.

Peace & Prosperity

Is your home or commercial building draining you financially? Vedic architecture can identify why. It's use can rebalance the energy to counteract building faults. We can redesign the interior or simply rearrange the furniture to bring peace and prosperity into your home or business property. DivineHouzz experts consult you to rearrange your property to achieve positive results. Talk to us now to enjoy peace and prosperity soon.




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About Us

Using Divinehouzz Services, Can Turn Your Life Around. Our Experts Use Vedic Architectural Philosophies To Recognize Faults In Any Building. These Faults Affect The Energy Generated Within a Building’s Walls. It Also Affects The Way Occupants Feel And How They Behave In All Situations. Using Vedic Architecture, Our Specialists Work To Rebalance This Energy To Bring You Positive Change.

Briefly, The Main Vedic Architecture Principles Include :

Facing The
Right Direction

The Direction a Building Faces Can Affect The Impact It Has On The Energy Of Its Occupants.


Vedic Architecture Takes Maximum Advantage Of The Natural Light From The Sun As It Moves Across The Sky. This Is To Ensure The Amount Of Natural Light Is Relative To The Function Of Each Room.


Correct Proportions Are Important To The Balance Of Nature’s Natural Design Of The World. These Same Proportions Are Also Important To Interior And Exterior Building Designs To Help Balance The Energy The Building Creates.

Correct Furniture

Expertly Arranging The Furniture Correctly In a Room, Along With The Combination Of Colors And Art On The Wall, Can Set The Right Mood For Each Room.


Vedic Architecture Construction Is Based On Nontoxic, Natural Materials With The Use Of Solar Energy To Harness The Sun’s Healing Rays. Vedic Architecture Promotes Bright, Sunlit Rooms Filled With Fresh Air.

Customer Testimonials

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

  • I had a very successful business of manufacturing of shoes. Things suddenly started to go south. My landlord wanted me out and started threatening me with legal actions. Raul immediately spotted the cause for this and suggested some design changes as per Vedic Architecture. Shortly thereafter, my landlord agreed to sell the premises to me a below market rate. My sales also picked up to the extent that I was unable to fulfill all orders. I now have many factories and a very successful business. Thank you Raul for all your help.

    Sanjay Chawla
    New delhi, India
  • We thank you, Ms Leni, for introducing us to Raul. But, we mostly thank Raul for his wisdom and insight into our personal needs. Raul’s simple interior design suggestions took immediate effect. The spark between my husband and I rekindled. Our lives turned around. Both family businesses began making huge profits, and our personal health and wellbeing improved. Today we travel the world together living a lifestyle we had always dreamed about. Thank you, DivineHouzz, for making this possible.

    Patty Morales
    Los Angeles, USA
  • My income and career were unstable. I lived in despair, there was no hope for me in this life. Then I met Raul through a friend. He had a kind, down-to-earth manner that put me instantly at ease. My life changed dramatically when I implemented Raul’s suggestions. My confidence, health and relationships improved. I received a highly paid job in London. I am now settled and enjoying my life. I am extremely grateful to Raul for his wisdom and guidance.

    Raju Sharma
    London, UK

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